Looking for more ideas for you and your baby? 

Try some of these fun and easy ideas from Nemours Reading BrightStart!an American reading resource.


Tips to Raise a Reader from the Early Literacy Alliance of Waterloo Region:

*Talk: What does your child find interesting? Respond to what they say or do to keep the conversation going.

*Sing: Chant a nursery rhyme, hum a lullaby and sing your family's traditional folk songs.

*Write: When your child is ready, picking up frozen peas or Cheerios can help your child's hand muscles get ready to later hold a pencil.

*Play: Watch to see what interests your child and join them. Ask questions and give them new words to help them learn while they play.

*Read: Make story time part of every day. Your local library has lots of books to borrow. Make a trip to the library a fun activity.


Try This

*Talk: When you are at the grocery store with your baby, talk about the apples you will buy and what you will do with them. Describe the apples using words like "large, small round, red, green" and how they might taste like "juicy, sour, sweet."

*Sing: Sing a children's song like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." Change your voice as you sing. For example, sing about a great big star in a big voice. Sing about a silent star in a quiet voice.

*Write: Let your baby see you writing. You are a writing role model for your baby and will show them that writing is an important part of everyday life.

*Play: Build a block tower with your baby. Soon they may want to play a game of knocking it down and having you rebuild it. Talk about the different shapes and sizes of the blocks, make paterns, and count what's around you.

*Read: Look for the first letter of your child's name. Point it out to your baby when you find it in books, on signs, and on toys. "I see the letter "S" on the stop sign. That's the first letter of your name, Sam!"



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