Research shows that the first few years of a child's life lay the foundation for their future.

  • "Basic communication and language development skills are a crucial part of the foundation of school readiness that is formed during the earliest months and years after birth. Research demonstrates that these skills depend in large part on language experiences during infancy and toddlerhood." - The Ounce


  • "The development of the architecture and function of the brain in early life affects health, learning and behaviour until we die." - Early Years Study 3 


  • "The foundation for literacy skills is laid years before children enter school. It begins at birth. During the early years, children develop competency in language and literacy... through interactions and experiences with the adults around them." - Zero to Three


Children's brains grow the most in the first few years of life. Vroom has some great videos and tips for turning everyday moments into brain building moments.

Brain Building Basics




This video from the Harvard Center on the Developing Child talks about why early experience is so important.

1. Experiences Build Brain Architecture


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