Baby Connections Parents Say:

  • “My daughter is now more interested in reading than before we attended Baby Connections. I’m really thankful for this program.” 
  • “(The Baby Connections facilitator) explained how to effectively use the items in a fun way for the baby while promoting their development.”
  • “Awesome program! Learned so much. Loved the emphasis on attachment being connected to early literacy.” 
  • “(Baby) seemed more interested in me reading to him than I thought. The more I did, the more responsive he was to it.”  
  • “It’s more than books and reading. Singing, talking and playing are easy things I can do to help my baby learn.” 
  • “The program was jam-packed with ideas and resources. My baby and I loved it!”  

Baby Connections Facilitators Say:

  • “Baby Connections provides the opportunity for families to see learning in action. Parents can foster the bond with their little ones through everyday activities and interactions.” 
  • "Baby Connections provides families with resources to build on activities they already do with their babies. This validates that language doesn't only come from reading books. It empowers families to see the value in their everyday interactions together."
  • "The Baby Connections program helps families to play with literacy and have fun."