The Baby Connections program is delivered by trained facilitators who share the program's key messages, easy literacy strategies, and kits with families. Facilitators receive training and ongoing support from Baby Connections. They are encouraged to attend the annual Baby Connections forum and participate in online opportunities to exchange program ideas. 

If you are interested in volunteering as a Baby Connections facilitator, please contact the Baby Connections Coordinator at

Trained Baby Connections facilitators are invited to attend the Spring 2016 Facilitator Meeting on April 29th. For more details and to register, visit


Baby Connections Facilitators Say:

"Baby Connections supports and validates the families' approach to introducing language to their babies. They are offered new ideas and the opportunity to connect with other parents in an open and welcoming environment.” 

“Baby Connections provides the opportunity for families to see learning in action. Parents can foster the bond with their little ones through everyday activities and interactions.” 

"Baby Connections provides families with resources to build on activities they already do with their babies. This validates that language doesn't only come from reading books. It empowers families to see the value in their everyday interactions together."

"The Baby Connections program helps families to play with literacy and have fun."